— A new territory

Idôle, for women of a new era

“Clean,” the addiction of the future, is taking shape

Lancôme is moving into new territory, creating tomorrow’s addiction on a register that has remained unexplored to this day: “clean.” “Clean”, a fragrance field of refreshing purity, is where well-being meets reassurance. Like an untouched territory harboring infinite promise and possibilities, “clean” is the fragrance translation of a white page on which each woman is free to write her story.

Basing its departure point on a “clean” accord” that would break with tradition, Lancôme looked at re-inventing an accord that had always been close to its heart, ever since it was chosen as the first symbol for the brand, and turned to the rose. To create a note consistent with the flower—both verdant and tender, fresh and voluptuous, four exceptional qualities—, two essences, an absolute and a rose water come together to form the heart of the formula. Lightly enhanced with a touch of jasmine, this kaleidoscope of roses radiates a sparkling floral light. In the background, a trace of patchouli and an assembly of white musks compose a white chypre base that brings Idôle its full elegance.

A new kind of musky chypre floral fragrance, Idôle is a true achievement. A skin scent that is both delicate and high-impact, both comfortable and powerful.

A sensation of purity; a luminous, enveloping halo.

An aura of confidence and femininity to conquer the world.

of purity.

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— The perfumers

The creation of Idôle, a feminine adventure

A collective creation, Idôle emerged from the combination of three talents. Three female perfumers from three continents. Three different life paths, three sensibilities, three characters. One love for fragrance. Brought together by the desire to create a new, universal addiction, Shyamala Maisondieu, Nadège Le Garlantezec and Adriana Medina worked together to craft the Idôle note based on its original clean accord. Combining discipline and intuition, each one brought her unique contribution to the one-of-a-kind signature of this fragrance.

These close-knit, complementary creators brought forth the first clean floral chypre on the fragrance market. A universal addiction created by women, for every woman.

— idôle 01

Shyamala Maisondieu

Benefiting from a dual culture, Shyamala Maisondieu grew up in Malaysia, studied in Europe and then worked in Hong Kong and Paris. With a strong attachment for nature, she struck upon the perfect proportions of the various types of roses and the jasmine to form a radiant floral heart with a natural glow.

Shyamala Maisondieu

— idôle 02

Nadège Le Garlantezec

A true Parisian, Nadège Le Garlantezec represents France with her elegance and affection for the tradition and expertise of perfumery. Precise and meticulous, she performed countless tests to find the right balance between the patchouli and the musks to bring Idôle its lingering, full-bodied, bright white chypre scent.

Nadège Le Garlantezec

— idôle 03

Adriana Medina

An American born in Colombia, Adriana Medina instantly wins people over with her sparkling, spontaneous personality. Her creative style reflects this facet, bringing immediate appeal to her fragrances. For Idôle, she crafted a beaming, playful opening allure where invigorating bergamot enhances the juicy accents of a pear note.

« We had so many sessions together. We wanted to find the perfect balance, the perfect hook. To magnify idôle’s iconic clean sensation. We have been sharing and comparing formulas, the right level of woods, the right level of sparkle, finding the special glow, capturing the right floral fluidity and achieving an amazing trail. From one side of the world to the other, we have been closely connected, to craft and design the perfect fragrance. »

Adriana Medina

— Transparency and traceability

The rose of Idôle, a symbol of Lancôme's commitment

Glowing at the heart of the Idôle formula, the floral accord illustrates the commitments of Lancôme, a fragrance house determined to push back the limits of the perfume industry. In the perfume world—one often perceived as opaque— Lancôme claims both the transparency and traceability of the ingredients within its formulas. We refuse to compromise between the fragrance quality of its creations and the protection of the natural resources and people who produce them.

As part of L’Oréal’s socially productive purchasing program, “Solidarity Sourcing”, created to put the momentum of the group for social inclusion, Lancôme benefits from exclusive raw materials, custom-crafted for its fragrances. One of these, the Isparta Rose petal Essence (Turkey), essential to the fragrance signature of Idôle, is the subject of a development project of which the objective is to improve the positive impact of the supply chain on a social, economic and environmental scale.

Rose Petal of Isparta (Turkey)

Cultivated in the cradle of rose cultivation in Turkey, this essence is exclusively made for Lancôme. It intensifies the refreshing, verdant facets of the flower, contributing to the sparkling natural expression of Idôle. By incorporating this Rose Petal of Isparta in its fragrance Idôle, Lancôme supports this family-based industry by helping to improve agricultural practices and work conditions and by assisting in the obtainment of a “fair trade” “Fair for Life” certification. The project also helps the women working in its production to be recognized for their contributions.

Idôle embodies the ideals of a new world throughout all the steps of its production, from the flower fields to its ecosystem.

Idôle embodies the ideals of a new world throughout all the steps of its production, from the flower fields to its ecosystem.