Idôle is the fragrance of a conquering feminity

“2019. The world is going through profound changes.

The cards are being shuffled.

A new generation of women is questioning the status quo, breaking free from tradition and re-defining the meaning of success.

The digital revolution has inspired a shift in our society away from the old model of success, to allow for the emergence of new, inspiring pioneer figures. These leaders are much more than just examples for women to follow. They express the absolute conviction that each woman has the power to change the world by stepping resolutely towards her dream.

To change the world, you first have to change yourself. To push back your own limits.

Brought by new models of success, women are taking a new look at their own ambitions. The old schemas of achievement are giving way to the pursuit of success according to your own rules, by yourself and for yourself. But also for others.

Collective and beneficial for all women, this new confidence is inciting them to raise the bar a little higher every time. Further. Stronger.

Lancôme has imagined its new great fragrance in the wake of this contemporary femininity. Lancôme is pursuing its dream: to celebrate women and accompany them on their path to happiness. Because throughout history, women have continued to change, to reinvent themselves, the brand has continued to follow their evolution and remain as close as possible to their aspirations.

A new vision of success is taking shape. Idôle is the fragrance of a conquering feminity.”

Françoise Lehmann

Global Brand President